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Dear drumming friends,

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Hi, I am Jim McCarthy. I am a professional drummer and also a drum clinician. I am a teacher as well as I have specialized in pure drumming technique. I am very much passionate about drumming; so whenever I watch other drummers performing, I try to learn whatever I get till now.

But I was not exactly the same what I am today. Till I remember my bad old days when I was struggling hard, sweating and getting frustrated for every single bit of speed. It seemed that my sticks are not under my control and rudiments not quite clean to make my drumming more sensitive. I struggled hard for more than 7 years but did not give up until I caught hold the full command on my passion. I achieved the improvements what I needed and reached the level where I could perform the toughest solos with ease in front of a large crowd.

It’s been more than 17 years that I have been performing, learning and educating in this field. I play in orchestras and rock bands as well. Now I am a renowned full time musician and a technical specialist.

Today I am here as I want to share my experiences about.....

How to make your drumming faster with less straining and tension
How to have more control with rudiments
How to make your performance more powerful yet sensitive
How to make your drumming come out more naturally

Look, good drumming is not as tough as you think. It’s just a matter of some advanced techniques which you must learn. Just one key and have your machines in your hand and feet as you like.

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Greatly improved dynamic range and control for increased expressiveness
How to explode creativity and expression on the drum with the underutilized aspect of your drumming
The stroke types which will add maximum speed and control in your drumming
The method of using both the matched and traditional grip correctly
The quick setup tricks to instantly get you around the drum kit faster
The scientific technique which will make your drumming easy and natural and sound great
How to make your bass drum technique instantly faster
The details how to turn your drum rolls consistent and smooth enough to make it praiseworthy
How to take control on your sticks
How to master your snare rudiments with more control
How to avoid injuries to your hands that can result from the incorrect methods
  And so on......

It is truly a unique guideline which is purely dedicated to drum technique. It does not just teach you the technique; it explains the instrument also in details so that one can understand how it works.

It is the ultimate book of drum technique with the most effective drumming grips and stroke types.

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